You are wind
When I'm away from you
I am water
My imagination start to walk alone
Caution thrown to a distant shore
I'm immersed in romantic fog
How bewitchingly

A white bird flew in the sky of bliss
Melting into blue
I blink, unveiling
It's a boat without a helm lost in the ocean of reality

You rind my bell
When you blow on my surfaces
I sing bubbles
To keep the hum-drum at bay
Marching on you like a soldier ant
It's like a soldier ant
I start to evaporate with a whimper

I perched on a tree of the sage
Looking onto whirlwind
I blink, unveiling
In the hole I watch my feathers spinningly ever after

How could I have given without knowing you
I'm brimming, over pouring, over flowing
The breath on my cheek fades
Whirlwind moves on
Stillness comes

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