Autumns Twilight in The Accursed

Songtexte Autumns Twilight in The Accursed

Autumns Twilight
Autumns Twilight

Twisted shadows on a bleak December dream,
dark nightmares are all the same to see,winged demons tare my soul apart,
can you feel as my heart begins to start,
spitting sulfur on those who begin to pray,losing faith and my thoughts fade away,cover your face, turn, run and hide,the end is near as the worlds divide.
Raising my hands to the sky,cursing the gods for what they've done,embellishing on their lies,losing faith amidst the fight.
Beneath miles of sand and earth below,buried dreams emit a crimson glow,the boiling seas and blood red skies,a rusted cage and wire entombed my eyes,when i know that my time is close at hand,maybe then I'll begin to understand,hold on to the pain i feel inside,and it begins, these worlds divide.

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