Hey hey hey, we drive
Hey hey hey, we drive
Hey hey hey, we drive
Hey, we drive to the country.

Swallow, lend me your wings.
Larch your cheerfulness,
Tears me here and there
I fritter my reins away
That I'll be someday,
How I really am.

And I greet every tree:
Good day Mr Tree
You have such a rest.
And if I meet a man
Meet a man,
Then I say "you",
Then I say "you".

Old rotten garden fences
Fill me with delight
I vault across them
Hit me into the apple trees
And if the farmer comes
I won't get any fright
Offer him an apple:
Take it good man!
Thanks, he says there,
And is proud of his tree,
Then in his tree sits a starling today
Sits a starling today.