From the first sunrise you knew my name
You knew I’d fail you over and over
But still you loved me all the same
You still love me anyway

The way you don’t give up on me
You really got a hold on me
You give me more than I deserve
You’ve become my everything
The only reason that I sing
The beauty is you chose me first

And I still can’t believe
That you’ve loved me for eternity
And what’s so marvelous to me
Is that I finally get, I finally get

I get to love you
To love you back
I get to love you
I get to love you
I finally get, I finally get

I get to know you more and more
And make every single day about you
I wanna live like I can’t afford
To spend another second without you

To go back to the start
Back when my heart first met you
Oh, I heard you were good
But this is more than I expected
So I answer the call
I will give you my all
And lay it at your feet
I can’t praise you enough
But I promise to give you my love

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