Eighteen Cool in Hoodie Allen

Songtexte Eighteen Cool in Hoodie Allen

Eighteen Cool
Eighteen Cool

Party over here, call up everybody we know
This is for the women who be feeding off my ego
Tell 'em that i made it, cause i listen to my haters
Took what that said and negated, yeah i played it like i'm tebow
Poor me out another one, take a shot and reload
Girls be waiting for me, got 'em lining up like freethrows
Everywhere that we go they say i'm their favorite
But i see that you've been faking, baby i know how to make it
In america, doing what we love and we passionate
Your girls cashing in, kourtney kardashian
You pulled up with some honey bee's, and i pulled out with half of them
Cause i ain't going home if i ain't going with the baddest chick

Thumbs up to my friends drinking whiskey
Peace out to the girls that will miss me
Middle finger to the dudes back in high school
Cause you peaked at 18 cool, oh-ooh
Cause you peaked at 18 cool, oh-ooh
You make me look so good

Nights be getting kind of cold, and lonely on the interstate
You be pushing sixty five, and i be pushing sixty eight
Just to stay a head of you, and prove that we the best right?
Life is just a highway, but homie there's no test drive
Grab your girl and lets ride, take you where i'm suppose to be
Cause i'll be back to earth someday, and you'll be baggin groceries
Or trying to sell insurance, but this right here a sure thing
You wake up with nothing on your plate, oh you poor thing
Decided what i want, and i made my dreams reality
These bitches be kicking off what i be making like salary
Looking threw my year book said i would succeed quick
Throwing out my salary, cause i don't ever need shit

Four years, gone by, look back and your out of your prime
But the cool kids never gonna miss me
It's all history, it's all history
Four years, denied, fuck that lets party tonight
But the cool kids never gonna miss me

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