Iron Mic Feat (Feat. Eli Porter) in Envy

Songtexte Iron Mic Feat (Feat. Eli Porter) in Envy

Iron Mic Feat (Feat. Eli Porter)
Iron Mic Feat (Feat. Eli Porter)

Yo, uh huh, it's ya boy envy, okay
Uh huh, yea, uh huh, yo
Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, yo
Yo the boy has got you talkin' cripple
My advice to eli is to start rappin'
Stick to walkin' cripple
Young cat freestyle so hot
I been up on the blocks
Never sellin' rocks
But I still got what I got
Squad up like, little weezy
Get beezy
Off the flow, so you could say I'm off the heezy
Anybody want it, they could get it
Never rap with a stutter
I'm so nice that I could've been marvelous' brother
Get me right, on the platter
Rhymes fatter
He ain't castoff
Average cat knockin' 'em off
Never with the gats
I run up on the strap
They like "rhyell you need to stop talkin' junk"
But I gotta run up on a cat with the pump
Yea man

Eli Porter:
Yea, I got one question man, "tell me who's next?"
This nigga soft nothin' nigga who done gettin' the best
See I'm the best man, I did it [background sample: I really mean it]

Yo, uh, yea, yea, yea
See I'mma let you know who the best, by the hour
Just like rosie o'donnell, at a bisexual bridal shower
It ain't nothin' to me man
I keep it for real
Look at his dental, man
With dent on the grill
See. I'm the best. I told you that
This dude like that, he runnin' from the cat
Naw, I messed up, but I'm gonna stay on top
They told me man. But you know, I'm never gon' flop
Look at this dude, he need to stay in the shade
Ain't no wonder why he came out, he already in the gay parade
I told you man, I got you
Roasted like ever
You don't know, but my rhymes
They're straight up clever
So you step down off the pedestal
I'm the best man
You need to go to the fuckin' dental

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