Session One (Feat. Slaughterhouse) in Eminem

Songtexte Session One (Feat. Slaughterhouse) in Eminem

Session One (Feat. Slaughterhouse)
Session One (Feat. Slaughterhouse)

Now I aint back just for the sake of sayin im back
I could relax but Id rather stack ammo on tracks
couple zanacs light a couple wax candles then black-
out and relapse till I act jack daniels and yap
Burp bubbles attitudes imaturin double shot of bacardi party vision is blurrin
woah I cant see shit my words get to slurrin uh oh
you can call me R.Kelly now Urine-trouble
whats accurin before after and durin the show
theres no bearin on the bad news im bearin wow
what is it wordplay no im pushin you out the dough
so suck my dick on the couch if you wanna cushion the blow
now stomp your fuckin feet till you get to squishin a hoe
Its pandemo-neum standin o when you see him oh
dam baby you look good you givin me warmth you should pull over like a sweatshirt with a hood
????or snap work it a poly on????
you and me both break bread while im hopin over this game to pinch a loaf
now homie whos your favorite pain in the ass
who claims to be spittin the same flames as me/im kanye when he crashed
in other words I got the hood on smash
like I stepped on the gas destoyed the front end deployed the dam air bags on the dash
went through em and laughed
came back an hour after the accident and bit a god dam jaw breaker in half
so stop ?fakin? to funk and start shakin ya ass
slaughterhouse in the house with the causasian of rap
and just blaze on the track/ what the fucks more amazin then that
slut answer me that/ royce where you at?

falsches video?