Like an axe on a virgin skin
My demons burn their souls
And broke the purity
Nobody knows, but I know

The silent voice of insanity
Guides my senses
The killing taste and
The smell of hate
My soul's getting cold

This is not a tale
From my broken soul
This hopeless letter
Shows you the portrait
Of my mind
Behind the masquerade
Of reality
Innocent cries haunted
My dreams
The whisper from the lips
Of the angel of death
Like the silent voices
Of insanity

The tender screams of pain
Caress my thirst of hate
I feel the sorrow
In their eyes


Out of control
Murderer I am
Blood on my hand,
ears of rage
Madman I am
She never cries again

Seven sins seven victims
I feel the sorrow in their eyes
Seven souls will never rest in peace
Seven sins seven victims
My life is made of chaos
Insane voices
In a nightmare we live
Made of chaos
From the other side
They follow me
Insanity is reality
If you know who I am
You'll never sleep again