Rap 1
The world's a maze, even though you intend to walk
straight through
There's really no bottom and no end inside, and
there's no path
Even if you intend to fall again
My life goes around and around inside the maze, again
and again
Where do I go? Where do I go?
I can't cope with this
Who's shouting so loudly in my ears?
Take my hand and lead me to hope

I want to be born again
I wish I could just return again and start everything
I want to leave and find my dreams
Is it too late?
By my own will I can change myself
It's hard, but I will triumph
I'll pray
I fall to pieces every day

Rap #2
Hard, it's too hard for me
My heart's too grieved
Like that--more, more
I can't endure
My heart's being bruised too much
It's like I've fallen into an illusion, escaped
Inside of my consciousness the world shakes
But by immediately repenting through tears I'm
completely covered by the hurt

Song #2
Just making use of my diary
When I was young, I was alive
Now I can't go there again, I can't return

Rap #3
Can't I turn back again?
Time's passing me by
Falling into remorse, there's no time to turn back
I'm already caught in the net; it's over
But in my mind hope does not end
Inside the approaching sadness, everything is
abandoned make-believe
People meet in chains, consent abandoned, powerlessly
falling into death never-ending
My freedom can't revive all the world

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