Now tell me : where my easy rider's gone
Now easy riding woman : always in the wrong

Well easy rider : died on the road
I'm a poor blind man : ain't got nowhere to go

It's going to be the time : that a woman don't need no man
Then baby shut your mouth : and don't be raising sand

The train I ride : don't burn no coal at all
The coal I'm burning : everybody says it's cannonballs

I mean I went to the depot : and set my suitcase down
The blues overtake me : and tears come rolling down

The woman I love : she must be out of town
She left me this morning : with a face that's full of frowns

I got a gal across town : she crochets all the time
Baby if you don't quit crocheting : you going to lose your mind

Said fair brown : what's the matter now
You turn your back to quit me : woman and you don't know how

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