War On Error (Declaration) in Rotersand

Songtexte War On Error (Declaration) in Rotersand

War On Error (Declaration)
War On Error (Declaration)

This is not my world
this is not my vision
this is not my life
it' s not my decision

this is not my future
this is not my past
it's not my reality
and it cannot last

citizens of the world, in these times the future of mankind is at stake.
we must not refrain from responsibility, but boldly take
any measure necessary to ensure the survival of the fittest.
to sustain order and to increase our economic, social and mental efficiency,
we've got to make sure, that we can rely on your cooperation in providing
any requested data in a structured, detailed and predictable manner.
to eliminate any irregularities that may compromise flawless operation,
we have declared war on error. so be warned:
random is resistance! - i repeat: random is resistance!

it's my life
it's my mind
it's my heart
- not a digit

it's my flesh
it's my blood
it's my bone
- not a digit

it's my faith
it's my will
it's my dream
- not a digit

it's my voice
it's my beat
it's my soul
- not a digit

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