Speak To Me in Rotersand

Songtexte Speak To Me in Rotersand

Speak To Me
Speak To Me

Senses wearing dull and numb
lost inside this maze of choice
a puppet is what i've become
screaming in a storm of noise

got to reemerge from that abyss
to put an end to this ordeal
someone help me to get out of this
is there anybody real?

speak to me, i call on you
don't know what i have turned into
my memory bears no peace of mind
all channels have gone deaf and blind

now speak to me, i trust in you
your vision's clear, your words are true
your eyes reveal the world behind
i've come to see what i can find
in you

my mind transformed into a silver screen
no lesson that i haven't learned
displayed in pixels red and blue and green
addressed to whom it may concern

got to save me from this hungry flood
that eats away the life in me
someday i'll return to flesh and blood
on that day i will be free

speak to me ...

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