Mortal Despair in Rain Fell Within

Songtexte Mortal Despair in Rain Fell Within

Mortal Despair

Fallen hands, out of reach.
Withering. Left Alone.
Pondering, why so cold?
What is life? Why feel pain?
Where are you? Will I go insane?
Scattered thoughts, kept within.
Take my hand, lead me home.
Stay here or die alone.
Lay awake! Suffer now!
Is there life after death somehow?
For which I bleed through is you, And all I question is truth.
Time forgot, visions lost.
Time to dream of what will be.
Can't focus, won't believe. Do you see? Heart of stone.
Nothing left, only sorrow known. What is life? Why fear pain?
Where are you? I have gone insane.

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