Into The Bright Light in Peter Koppes

Songtexte Into The Bright Light in Peter Koppes

Into The Bright Light
Into The Bright Light

Fly on easy brother
Your robe suits you well
With a smile just like an angel
And a mission words can't tell
At the heart of our existence
With a love to make it gel
The sun is in our eyes now
Must be time to cast your spell

The man on the corner
Admires the streets you pave
He can count up all his blessings
But he hasn't got enough to save
There's people in the parlour
Just waiting to be shown
Come take them won't you to the place
That they all call home, they all call home

Fly into the bright light
Away we go

Last night easy brother
When you floated through my room
The T.V. flickered at the height of it
Was all over too soon
Experience has made me wise
As I now Iook forward to
The days passing by our lives
Spent in the love saloon

Works fine for the moment
Could last till we get there
Make amends for the future
Have you got a change to spare
A carriage for the spirit
Is waiting if you care
By the time that you arrive
There'll be no-one there to collect the fare

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