Huracan in Pedro Aznar

Songtexte Huracan in Pedro Aznar


The clear waters of day shining over the wheat fields
Mornings of grape and wine remembering times of peace
The taste of cold at dawn, the bread warmer than the sun
I think of the cold that now inhabits my heart

There is, in the eyes of the people, the same great sadness
because the arms of steel stop us like dams

But what they don't know, what they will never know
is that here in our land, from the mountains to the sea,
blows a light breeze that will become a hurricane
Ah, but they don't know that one day it will be a hurricane

Friend, keep your mind alive and alert to deceit
that the right time, the precise moment, will come sooner or later
May your little children know that it is a long and hard journey,
that neither pain, wood or time can bend a wild heart

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