Miserere Mei in Myriads

Songtexte Miserere Mei in Myriads

Miserere Mei
Miserere Mei

Like the falling star on the firmament
I view the vast horizon
Planets drift by in the nebula
Grand movements paralyze me
My reflection seem to be endless

Embellished thoughts of limitless
starlight gather
The outer rim of sanity
Path of destiny
Proud forest rises towards the sky,
in awe I stand silent
Green path of life amalgamates
With my own belief

Follow me further through
This flight of chaos
In misery and pain I am,
I wander through this cherished path
In despair I am pitiful,
haunted by a brooding doubt
Please assuage this agony
and wash away my misery,
into great oceans and grand seas
where the source of life began

Melting into the universe
being part of the cosmos
The starless night embraces me
My thoughts are bewildered
Am I misplaced here in this world,
alone in my grief?
Procreate life and let it grow
in outlandish landscapes
Feeling subordinated,
outshined by earth


Miserere mei Deus
Secundum magnam
misericordiam tuam
et secundum multitudinem
miserationum tuarum
dele iniquitatem meam

Anguish in me, kills me, relieves me

I weaken now compared to nature
I am nothing, please bear with me

Upon this fertile planet
I stand in broad daylight
I am caressed gently by a sun which
enlightens my mind
It never perceived my shadow
nor my grief and my sorrow
I am merging into the fire
Cosmic unity


Am I infused by the earth?
Did the world have a birth?
Life filled by fertility
in an astral unity
Elements perpetually,
circling eternally

Affliction in me, helps me, relieves me

Like the falling star on the firmament
I am the great horizon
Planets drift by in the nebula
Grand movements encapsulate me
The universe seems to be endless

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