Eyes Of The Tiger in Mela

Songtexte Eyes Of The Tiger in Mela

Eyes Of The Tiger
Eyes Of The Tiger

When your touch is not illusion
When your life is all confusion
Come and dance babe, take and take a chance, it's for you

When you have a good vibration,
When you have a hot sensation
Play the beat, go go, feel the heat, for not bein' blue

Ah ah ah ah I want to scratch your back forever
Let us purr together

Oh babe see my eyes of the tiger
Are full of passion, here I go again
My tail is wagging with desire oh, oh, oh
Don't go before the night is over
There is no girl, you know, compares to me
Oh boy you couldn't love another, oh oh oh

When a special king of feeling
Baby you know what I'm willing
Don't be down baby, boom boom, play this song it's my truth

Ah ah ah ah I want

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