Pull-up in Jason Derulo

Songtexte Pull-up in Jason Derulo


Pull up in my X6 with my M1
Just hit my connect
He say he got bout 10 guns

Pull up in my X6 with my M1
Just hit my connect, he say he got 'bout 10 guns
Pull up in my 745 with 51
Pull up in my Q7, with FNs & drums
Pull up to your party, bitch I got my 40
Pull up to your house, all them guns is out
Pull up on your block, we love pulling up
And we pulling up with Glocks, we are toolied up

We watching out for cops, we watching out for opps
We watching out for thots, cause they be pulling off
Watching out for paparazzi, they be quick to put you up
I pull up I got my Glock, and I am quick to pull it out
Fuck popping out, we popping up
We popping up, I'm out the cut

Shooters on the roof I'm tired of the cut
I'm moving overseas I'm tired of the judge
Cause he got the coppers pulling up
They knocking and I'm what they looking for
I just had my partners pulling up
I just had my thot just pull a dub
I just heard the opps is pulling up
We ready to fire them pussies up
We been in a lot of bullet wars
And we done bought a lot of bullets for 'em

Pull up in my SRT8 with my AK
Pull up my Mercedes with my baby Kay
Pull up in my A8 where my malany at?
Pulling out these Ben Franks cause I'm friends with him
Pull up in my R8, shotgun shotgun today
Toting my 357 25/8

Drunk in love with my gun, bae, bitch Beyonce
We pull up, it's no Bombay, red rum the other way
She say she love me I'm not dumb, bae, bitch, what my mom say?
"Keith, don't trust em and don't follow them go the other way"
On the first date that bitch swallowed, then she trying to meet my mom today
Pull up on him, I heard he was downing me, he gone meet my gun today
Pull up on my jeweler Johnny Dang, buying a bunch of things
I swear my chain potty-trained, and my watches ain't
Bitch I got a 50 clip in my Lou Deng
I think I'm that nigga yeah, just like Liu Kang

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