You're so good to me
you make things happen
that I thought I would never see
and it's no mystery
that every time you talk
It's just your lips I see
I see my mouth just above your mouth
Just wanna hold it there
just wanna hold it right there
Until we start shakin' and we can't be taking it no more
but hold it right there
You're taken I'm taken there's nothing for the taking
seems we've done all the talking we can
you can't give in I can't give in
So there's nothing left to give
seems we've done all the giving we can
and if our lips touch then it's a kiss
well it's not right to try and sleep with my heart like this
and if I can't have you i'll just bite my lips
oh I'll bite my lips and wait for you to pass
try to focus on why this could never last
coz if it's not right to hold you
I'll just have to hold you in my dreams
I'll bite my lips till you're on your way
and waking life can return
You're taken I'm taken so baby
just let me burn
coz if it's wrong to want you
oh just let me burn pull me closer
and if our lips touch then it's a kiss

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