The last time that I faced you
I swore it was the last time
I'd tell you what this meant to me
But it's back again
I don't know what to do
You painted me in a corner
And I'm sick of dealing with you
If it's not yours it's worthless
If you can't see it, it's not there
You don't know how to earn anything
And I don't think that you care
I'm holding back with every ounce of control that I have
It's going to take more, than I want to give
But I'll do it!
Because there's an example to be made
And someone has to be, to be the better man
If it's not yours it's worthless
If it takes work, why try
You don't know how to earn something
Your foundation is a lie
Foundation is a lie!
I'm not afraid to listen
To someone I respect
You might learn something
If you took the time to reflect
We all need help at times
I'll lend a hand before a fist
Letting anger control you
Another point you've missed!

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