Dead End in In Flames

Songtexte Dead End in In Flames

Dead End
Dead End

Save all your prayers
I think we lost today
There's no morning after
And no one's around to blame
I'm not afraid to bleed
But I won't do it for you
A star among hypocrites
The melody of our time
So say goodbye to the world
We're the dead that walk the Earth

Scream your lungs out
wait for laughter
You don't have to wait forever
Here's the next disaster
What decides when you've lost a war
When the first man falls
Or when they've erased it all
We're too numb to feel
The downfall starts right here
Hold your breath and swim
Swallowed by life's tear

In times of make believe
No one really seems to care
Maybe I should care less
Cause I'll die too

What will it take for us to realize
The more we provoke, winter will come twice.

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