The End in I-94

Songtexte The End in I-94

The End
The End

Tell me who you think you really are
Just like me, you're afraid to go too far
I'm ready to begin
But I'm always on the outside looking in

The astronauts are crawling in the sky
Circling around to stay alive
And your future's in the past
And your face is always pressed against the glass
Lookin' in

How can it be the end
With all the science in the world to breathe again
How can it be the end
When you're reaching for tomorrow
But you're holding yesterday in your hands

Crashing on the underground again
Spooning desperation from a can
And your faith has come undone
In the garden you were staring at the sun
Feeling numb

And I know we've got a way to go
But the wheels go round and round
To try to get home
And I know it feels a million miles away
I won't let you go
I'll turn it around on my own
Carry it on now

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