Lost In America in Helloween

Songtexte Lost In America in Helloween

Lost In America
Lost In America

Lost standing in belise, ten hours we must wait
They started with a flight show, so the airport all comes late
Nobody really told us, nobody seems to know
Now we're sitting here all drinking
We hope to catch the show

Finally, they make the call, we travel to the party
In the plane we're drunk's allowed
Where the captain gives a show
We are high, we are far
But we don't know where we are

We are lost, lost in america
There's a cloud, there's a storm
We should plunder the sky
We are lost, lost in america

Our captain says the gauges
Don't really seem to be
In the best trustworthy day test
As far as he could see
Some ridiculous disturbance
Or a simple full break down
Makes it hopeless to impossible
To imagine where's we're bound

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