A Cage It Falls Into in Envy

Songtexte A Cage It Falls Into in Envy

A Cage It Falls Into
A Cage It Falls Into

Recieving a head wind against the sky,
falling, falling
Pick those feathers up one by one,
wandering, wandering

Hands of the man who waits for the end
are blue Travel forward and separate the
distance Sits on a chair, mouth sealed,
vision warped and reflects the black.

Future is overflowing with fear The
darkness goes on, the darkness gets
deeper Look back the mistakes in the
past Stack them up, stack them up

Throw up the meaning of overflowing
water strongly on to both of these
forgotten hands
I won't abandon the smell of blood
flowing incessantly, eternally

We can still be disappointed
We were again discouraged
Abandon hope and became helpless
Our arms are dragged by hope
Pull and pulled back to the place we were

There I stop and lie down
Stare at your back
Loneliness of a smile,
not to tell but to interrupt
I laugh in a room and throw waste

Inside a tiny falling cage Down stream
Depending on presents The darkness goes
on. As long as it flows Winds go deeper
Gouge out those false words Pile them up
Wash away the footprints ahead
Cajole us, make us forget and let us go
In return for the presents
we hand out

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