You came into this love
It caught me by surprise
As I walked through this door
I never felt a love só sure
You can see it in my eyes
They say love is truly blind
And it will stand the test of time
A love truly meant to be
Two hearts as one só free
I give my heart
You hold the key
Fly high upon this love
And touch the stars above that's
What dreams are made of
Bold and beautiful are we
In love eternally
Forever you and me
You are my shining light
In the shadow of the night
Yes the love that you see
In every part of me
One touch you set me free
Let's hold on to what we have
Cause love só often díes
Wont be fooled by fantasy
Cause I believe in you and me
And we'll never say goodbye
Forever you and me
Bold and beautiful are we

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