I couldn't work up the courage without drinking alcohol first
Maybe when I phoned you you were with that person
Even if the way of doing it was a mistake, it paid off in the end

* The truth is that I want to see you, I miss you so much
I tried so hard for you, in fact I cried so much
You didn't realise that
I didn't show you, so you had no idea
Maybe you feel the same as me, so I shouldn't hesitate
Those words asking you to come back rolled off my tongue
I said that it would end up alright

I don't know you, I really don't
I won't forget you, I won't
I want you, but you are hugging someone else
I don't want to think of you like that, so I simply won't
I hoped more than anyone else, I hoped for happiness
I can't even hear your voice beside me any longer
And again my tears come before your happiness, my tears come...

* repeat

Are you really happy?
While I am sad you are smiling
I can still hear your voice saying you loved me
You said things that made me happy
Maybe you feel the same as me
So don't hesitate to come back to me
There is no end, no end to these words that roll off my tongue
I said it'll be alright
I said it would end up okay

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