Summoned emigrants for great Satan
Perverse straight demoniacs march
In the horizon of the black plains
Soldier to spring with weapons of Satan

Torment in the skies pure satanic fire
The Temple of the sky
Is invaded it's destroyed
Soldier cause the chaos
And proclaim the name of King Darkness

Before the remains of the God
The empire of shadows born again
The satanic victory will be writing with
Sweet Christian Blood
Before only it remains the powder
The black mantle of Lucifer
It went down on the poor earth

Darkness Triumph

The Hell is your dwelling
Mortal anguish
Brutal desire for the blood
Blood of rot Christians souls

Darkness Triumph

Before them pupil of powerful of the darkness
Great Satan shows it's your power
And with your weapons
You, Lucifer curses the Earth
The blackmass marches inside of the skies
Oh…great Satanas
Blackmass shows your wrath for
The great Demon god

Darkness Triumph

Demons continue it's triumphant march
Against miserable people of God.

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