[Sunt geminae somni portae
Quarum altera fertur cornea,
Qua veris facilis datur existus umbris;
Altera candente perfecta nitens elephanto
Sed falsa ad caelum
Mittunt insomnia Manes]

From the dreary gardens of sin
Infernal legions of war
Spreading their wings and their flames
Are gathered waiting the battle come
Armoured Legions in black and gold
Displaying the splendour of Hell's realm
The everlasting day of holy heaven has come,
As the legions march attacking the light
Invoking all Satan's weapons
For making the night shine-bright in flames
The nails and scythes are with us
Holy paradise is fading away
Armoured Legions from Hell
Our time has come
March to destroy all saints, angels and holy writ
Armoured Legions of Satan, destroy!

[Sparget cruori sanguinis
Diavolul dominus creaturae
Arx inferi et deamonia bellica
Satana mantra, Satana Magica]

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