Enjoy the view
From the fence.
Note how heads are taking dents.
Like a Buddha, I calmly wait.
Whilst the conflict escalates.

Nuclear winter might be set.
There's still no clear winner yet.
Winner gets
A lot of barren land a gentleman's hat.
Like a crown, you gotta wear it proud.
Whilst you're carried by the crowd.

I love it here, yeah I do.

And I know that you know
Who the ... I mean
By definition on a mission
To become a fiend
Stink of malice, Full of venom
And out of spite.
A unified hate for all mankind.

The senses have been breached.
All shall bow down for you have reached finesse.
In wretchedness, keeps the cash flowing.
Show no sign of slowing down.
That's what's going.

On and on.
And on and on.
One life long marathon.

On and on.
And on and on.
Scaffolds on the Babylon.

Go stack yours and then be gone.
Go stack yours and then be gone.
Go f**k yourself!

Falsche Video?