Below a pool table I lie
One night in ‘99
Half asleep when that song begins
Have to go find out who it is

From the basement of the house party
I crawl up three flights of stairs like half a zombie
People dancing on my hands, I demand
Tell me the name of that ridiculously awesome band

But no one hears me or gives a ... About a stupid boy at the time unfit to stand on his two legs
And ask politely instead he begs
“Tell me, tell me, tell me!”

A wasted skater, told me their name later
Before this to music I was a hater
I had to go and I had to follow through
I bought their tapes and soon after I got their tattoo

But, by then their voice was dead
Living on in my headphones
With so much left unsaid
I wish I could have thanked him personally
They did so much for me

This goes out to everyone who’s helped us out along our way

Falsche Video?