Got good intentions
Isn't it enough? No, it is not enough.
The comprehension of letting yourself get charmed by a bluff is upon me
There's nothing I can do
There's always something I could do
Where would I be if it wasn't for you?
So I just do what I'm supposed to do
I watch you turn into
А siсkly biomass of black and blue

In the city of no palms
Snow is falling and I am holding her in my arms
We don't talk. She's sick, I'm stoned
But my choice was my own
I wanted to have a good time
But she, medicated highly
Does it to survive
Where's that wonder cure?

A bit of degradation free with every breath
Oddly feels like trust has been misplaced
I love the scenery but hate the faces
And so for now

I ride on the wings of hope
Pushed on by the winds of dope
You'll get pulled back
No matter how hard you go
There is a distance and there is a rope

When I wake up tomorrow
I'll know what was at stake today

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