That'll Never Be Me in Battery

Songtexte That'll Never Be Me in Battery

That'll Never Be Me
That'll Never Be Me

you would love to give us a bad name,
but no one her eis buying into your game.
angry kids that's how we will stay
united and strong, day after day

we're never givin' up,
you can place your bets.
we're never givin' up,
so i wouldn't hold your breath.

you would love to exploit our way of life
with mtv and media hype.
but underground and proud is how we'll stay,
stronger than ever,day after day.


and this is too important and there's too much at stake.
you call it what you want, but i'm free to do what's right for me
the years of decication to making a change
i will not give up because you think it's lame

you could never take away what we have made.
for the kids by the kids,we will never fade.
and this revelution will always stay
in my heart, day after day.


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