Divine Disappointment in Alias

Songtexte Divine Disappointment in Alias

Divine Disappointment
Divine Disappointment

My frustration aimed at what I created has me feeling discombobulated
I hated the boredom so I reinstated entertainment from a well being
I'm seeing I made the wrong decision
My project had appeared easy but had no direction and precision
Beginners luck, only up to recent times do I feel stuck
I'm the only one to blame for things that ran amuck
I build up a universe that is now building me you see
Technological advancement is the creator now
And all things to be decided
When they not even once touched my hands
My quote unquote followers still constantly fill the stands on the so-called seventh day
For years it's been this way
But these people can't figure out whether it's the first or last day to pray
They seem to think that I'm forgiving of all
Which means they have a scapegoat, if they happen to drop the ball
I've been called various names
None of which to me are flattering
They look to me for guidance but to me they do not matter
In my eyes, there's nothing I can do to help their situation
When they have internal conflicts with their whole congregation
They gather every week and speak of me in songs
These beings I created in this project gone terribly wrong

You all claim that you know me
But you really don't ever forgiving you say of me
In reality I really won't
From the day I gave you life to your last annointment
You have all been nothing but divine disappointment

So now I'm stuck to figure out what I should do at this point in time
These creatures think that there's an afterlife
So they spend their whole life benign
They killed another creature years ago that claimed to be my son
So now they mold their lives after him and claim that He's the One
the one that will save them and lead them to a new breath
I hate to break it to them... (I have nothing for you after death)
So carry on if you wish unknowing, thinking breath is wind blowing
Magnifying light bulb is the sun and tears a rivers flowing
Think that every bad thing that happens to you is at my will
Like bankruptcy, adultery and the reason why others kill
Go on and be misled as you have your entire life
You think that I'll somehow reward you for all your pain and strife
I can't control destiny, where'd you come up with that notion
(There's no cure for AIDS) so don't even bother with that potion
I didn't create the disease to punish others, I didn't even make it
So if you have that frame of mind you go ahead and break it
I'm sick and tired of feeling responsibility for all of you ungratefuls
Unwilling to share with the starving while you enjoying off your plateful's
Even if I had the power to help you I wouldn't even bother
So stop thinking that I love you and stop calling me your Father
I didn't plan on you evolving into this mess with which I deal
Asking for my forgiveness when you (lie, cheat and steal)
What the hell do you want me to do? Try and save yourself
I can't help your marriage, children or status of health
My problem's far away, any of your so-called devastations
Like this oncoming war between the so-called United Nations
I regret making all of you, you make my blood pressure climb
I wish I didn't make you, but even I can't turn back the hands of time

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