Her love is red hot when she comes undone.
Never thought gettin' burned could be so much fun.
Always comin' up with something new,
Yeah, that woman taught me a thing or two.
She's on fire
My baby's on fire.
We go out drivin' in my 6.6, yeah.
Fly past the city, head straight for the sticks.
Shut off the lights, turn off the key
No sooner said, done, when she jumps on top of me
She's on fire
My baby's on fire.
Now let it burn
ooooh, yeah
I like it hot
She's on fire
My baby's on fire.
No time for friends, no time for rest.
Straight home from school she starts to get undressed.
It's five below, but it's hot down here...Whoo
She gets so hot every time she comes near.
Turn on the love like it's the latest style.
I get response from just a look with a smile.
She's like a bomb that's about to explode.
Just one touch and she begins to unload
She's on fire
My baby's on fire...Yeah
She takes me higher
My baby's on fire
(repeat 2 times)
Yeah I like it hot..
Now let her burn

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