I am a happy little kid, I don´t have a car so I don´t skid/ I don´t smoke and I don´t drink/ I use rexona so I don´t stink/ I wear a white t-shirt under my clothes/ I don´t fart nor pick my nose/ I´m a nice guy, I´m polite, I turn the other cheek, I never fight
But I kill the cat, and shoot the posers in the back, raise a weapon for a bad lad, beat on my neighbour with a bat
I have a bath every day, and you can hear what people say/ I go fishing with my dad, I´m always suck a happy lad/ I don´t go naked to the school, I don´t say fuck, I have a rule/ I go to bed every night at ten, I brush my teeth, I´m so brend

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