Another stick up kid takes another life today, monkey on his back crackpipe in the ashtray, sweet little girl dumps her baby in the alley, got knocked up by a rapist in the valley, hooker on the corner dressed in drag got robbed out, stabbed 40 times by a psycho that was down and out, just when I try to relax and think it's alright, I hear a gunshot and a siren in the dead of night. War on the streets - it's crazy out there, war - and the cops dno't care, war on the streets - it ain't safe at night, war - got you runnin for your life.
Imminent danger of a never ending race war, rich bitch wanna terminate the poor, watch us kill each other lookin down from their penthouse, now they're running scared cause they can't escape the madhouse, no one's safe from the violence and madness, killin each other's just never ending sadness, crack dealer on the corner played the fool, the other day he shot a kid on his way to school. Are we at war?

Falsche Video?