Just wasting time trying to make something outta nothing.

I'm going through life, seems like I don't have a care,
But why can't I see, see that I'm going nowhere.
Well I just gotta gotta drain my situation,
But in fact I'm leaving heaven for devastation.
Trying to find a way out but I just can't seem to begin.
It's a losing battle that I know I can't win.
Now it's hitting me
Hitting me that times moving fast,
But I'm done looking around.
I know that it just won't last.
The time is done and death is near.
If you just look around you can see the fear.
There's a man who does not get when time runs out.
Was never quite sure what life was about.
See, I'm just holding on to things from the past already gone,
But I'll never accept your point of view.
'Cause the time will tell if it was true.

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