Sometimes shit's going down crazy - and it's just the way things are
I guarantee you something - the righteous ones won't be going that far
People fool each other - not sorry for what they do
Playing games behind your back - don't wven realize they might hurt you
I know it tortures and you try to think about it all
But I cant tell you it's a one way to street with your head against the wall
Your thoughts keep dragging on you - they keep on and on - and take it all
The time has come to break the cycle - you gotta make a point before you fall
It's hard to watch you suffer - tell yourself you don't know shit
There's no good in whining - my blood runs colds when I think about it
Just wouldn't let yourself believe - how cold and mean so-called friends can be
And now you put yourself down - and you're sad about everything you see
Don't lose your nerves - there are friends you can still recall
You must get yourself back in line - so you better forget the pain at all
Reclaim what should be yours this time - have some pride and draw a line

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